How does Hosting work?


You set your own price however we suggest you check out local prices at comparable motels and B and Bs.

Determine the maximum amount of people you want to stay and if you want to set different rates for different days of the week or times of the year.


You are the host and you manage your own listing. Once you have determined your pricing, you need photos that highlight the best features of your boat and to determine the availability and when you are ready to take your first booking. We handle all the payments and have a “Message Centre” so that you and your booking can discuss the finer details between yourselves. It is important that you have someone meet and greet your guests and show them your boat and it’s features.

Booking Reviews:

Once your guests have completed their stay, we will invite them to review your boat. We also suggest you review your guests. Reviews help build trust and help guests find the perfect boat. Good reviews will help get you more bookings and earn more money.

Security Deposit:

You collect the security deposit and we keep the credit card details on file. Should there be any damage caused, we will re-charge the card on your behalf.


There is no charge to list your boat, we will only charge …% of the total cost on successful bookings. We also charge the guests 10% GST to use our services. You arrange for your boat to be cleaned, either by a contractor or yourself, and charge your guests accordingly.


You set the dates of availability on our calendar. This helps us to know when your boat is available for hire.


You should talk to your marina and ensure they will accept overnight guests. Check over your boat and ensure that it is safe, comfortable and everything is in working order. Determine all the rules, laws and requirements to ensure you comply with your local council and marina. You will also need to confirm that guests can use the marina’s facilities. This is sometimes better than them using your onboard bathroom, shower and toilet.


You should check that your insurance covers overnight guests on your boat. Please let us know if you are having difficulty with adequate cover and we will recommend some insurers for you.

General Things to Consider:

  • ensure the guests do not exceed the maximum capacity on your boat’s compliance plate
  • advise guests of noise restrictions and the marina’s guidelines in general
  • ensure your guests are aware they cannot move the boat from its mooring
  • manage your guests and the stay yourself and communicate via our Messaging Centre
  • rubbish removal during and at the end of your guest’s stay on board
  • do you want alcohol on board? If so, ensure guests are aware of the increased risk of injury aboard a boat when drinking
  • have someone you know and trust to welcome your guests and show them the boat and marina’s facilities, including:
  • general safety and access to the boat, flotation devices, etc
  • operating instructions for electrical items
  • environmental issues related to being on board, eg. rubbish, toilets, wastewater, etc
  • marina guidelines and rules
  • emergency contact numbers
  • who will carry out the cleaning at the end of your guest’s stay?


Ensure that your boat is safe for your guests. Check:

  • there are no trip hazards
  • there are enough lifejackets for any children / non-swimmers on board
  • all electrical appliances are working and have been tested and tagged
  • a working torch is on board
  • there is a compliant fire extinguisher on board
  • flotation devices are visible and in reach