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Boat Stay Accommodation

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A great alternative to hotel accommodation

Aqua BnB offers Boat Stays, a great alternative accommodation to booking a hotel, offering a unique experience whilst generating income for boat owners whilst their boats are not normally in use – a win win opportunity for everyone!

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Accommodation with a difference. Enjoy being on the water without the expense.

What is an Aqua BnB “Boat Stay”

A Boat Stay is the use of a boat, yacht, motor cruiser, barge, houseboat or any other craft that has accommodation facilities (even a Super Yacht if your budget can stretch that far) being used like a hotel for overnight accommodation, without moving from where it is usually kep – whether in a Marina, wharf, pier, or mooring. Think of Aqua BnB as Airbnb for boats!!

The Boat Stay Advantage

The idea of a Boat Stay is that boat owners can provide a different style of accommodation to traditional hotels or Airbnb which is a lot more exciting!! Boat owners and even charter companies can offer their vessels out at greatly reduced rates when not in normal use, offering an additional income stream to help offset the cost of the boat just sitting there

Own a boat of your own?

Make money hosting guests on your boat when it’s not in use out of peak season… you choose who rents your boat, and when